Our Services

Our Services


Our contact services help children from separated families to establish or maintain a relationship with the parent or significant other they do not live with.

We provide professional and positive contact arrangements and observe and record what happens at visits. The contacts are child-focused and neutral, allowing for a drama and stress-free visit or changeover.

We also prepare reports which we provide both parents after the contact service.

iSupervise has full association service affiliation with the ACCSA, which is the highest form of membership available for private services.


We are

  • A one on one supervising service and children remain in the sight or hearing of the supervisor.
  • An offsite supervising service, which means you can choose the location where the visit will take place.

We offer the following services;


Our offsite visits are a safe and supervised time where a parent or significant person in the child’s life may visit and build a relationship with the child.

iSupervise takes 15 minutes alone with the child for a familiarisation /child orientation session before any service commencement in every instance.



Our transport service is a great way for children to move from house to house in a stress-free, drama-free environment. Children are driven by our staff in age-appropriate child seats.



We facilitate changeovers between parents/guardians. Our changeovers consist of one parent/guardian dropping off the child at the drop off location and leaving the site. The second parent/guardian collects the child after 15 minutes.




We pride ourselves on a history of successful visits and reintroductions to family members. See our written feedback from our visiting parents.


“Hi Mary,

thank you do much for today, really appreciate it, You and Stephanie were so understanding and easy going, a breath of fresh air.

Also you both were especially awesome with my son …”


Visiting parent

December 2019


“Thank you again for yesterday. 

You and your team really made it easy for me to focus on what’s important, and that is building the relationship back up with my son

Just to hear the words “Dad” come out of my son […]’s mouth yesterday, is something that I cant put in words but the feeling I guess would be like winning the lottery, ha ha.”


Visiting parent

December 2019


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