Sydney offers a plethora of exciting and family-friendly destinations for children of all ages. When planning a supervised visit out with your child/ren, it’s essential to consider places that are sheltered (in-case it rains) and equipped with convenient bathroom facilities. It is also vital to have an easy entry and exit to the venue so that the handover can be smooth.

We will explore some of the best family-friendly locations in Sydney that provide easy parking, sheltered spaces and accessible bathrooms, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

City locations

Located in Forest Lodge, handovers are very easy at the Tramsheds as there is a huge outdoor carpark Infront of the sheds for easy pick ups and drop off’s. At Tramsheds you can take your kids to café’s a gelato shop, a supermarket, and then go for a lovely walk around the bay.

The Powerhouse Museum:
Located in Ultimo, the Powerhouse Museum is a fantastic destination for families seeking educational and interactive experiences. This museum offers engaging exhibitions, hands-on activities, and immersive displays that cater to children of all ages

The Australian Museum:
Situated in the heart of Sydney, the Australian Museum is a treasure trove of natural history and cultural exhibits. Children can explore the dinosaur gallery, encounter Australian wildlife, and learn about Indigenous culture through various interactive displays.
This venue is great for kids who love dinosaurs!

Taronga Zoo:
For an unforgettable wildlife adventure, Taronga Zoo offers an incredible experience. With stunning views of Sydney Harbour, this world-renowned zoo showcases a vast array of animals from around the globe. The zoo also features indoor enclosures, such as the Reptile World and the nocturnal animal exhibit.

The Maritime Museum:
Located in Pyrmont, the Australian National Maritime Museum is an excellent destination for families interested in maritime history and interactive displays. Children can explore life-sized ships, engage in interactive exhibits, and learn about Australia’s rich maritime heritage.


Sotto on Ryde:
This café is perfect for lunch with kids. It is right next to a playground and nice walking track around an oval. There are bathroom facilities at the café and heaters on cold days. The street parking is very easy too!

Western Sydney

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan:
For nature enthusiasts, the Australian Botanic Garden in Mount Annan is a must-visit destination. The expansive garden offers a range of child-friendly activities, including walking trails, picnicking spots, and dedicated children’s gardens. The garden provides sheltered areas, such as covered picnic tables and pavilions, as well as restroom facilities conveniently located throughout the grounds.

Central Coast

Wyong Milk Factory, Wyong:
The Wyong Milk Factory is one of our favourite places on the Coast! It has a great café to have breakfast and lunch with kids, and a great outdoor playground. There is also a cheese and chocolate factory on the grounds. There is a lovely area out the back along the river where you can have a BBQ or take a kayak for a relaxing ride along the river. For smaller children, there is an indoor jungle gym where they can run around and play.
Our supervisors have also spotted a jumping castle on the grounds!

South West Sydney

Revesby Workers Club:
This Club is a great lunch or dinner location because of the restaurant options on the ground floor. On the first floor, you can also find a Zone Bowling arcade and a Flip Out World. It is our favourite place to recommend in South West Sydney.

The Hills

Flower Power Garden Centre (and Frankie’s Food Factory inside) Terrey Hills:
This Flower power is great for a lovely breakfast and walk around the gardens. The bathrooms and outdoor playground are also conveniently located right next to the café.

    Little Kids under 4 years old?

Check out our list of favourite kid’s café’s
• Twinkle Kids Burwood
• Kidsday Kids Café Meadowbank
• Major Fun Freshwater
• Hi Panda Kids Club Hurstville
• Baby Paraiso Kids Café Hurstville

Sydney is a vibrant city with a wealth of family-friendly places that cater to children’s interests while ensuring comfort and convenience. When planning a day out, consider destinations which provide sheltered areas to escape unfavorable weather conditions and offer clean and accessible bathroom facilities. By choosing these family-friendly spots, you can create lasting memories and enjoyable experiences in the beautiful city of Sydney!